The Problem of Cursing

December 24, 2014


Scrolling through my Facebook feed I stumble upon a status showing a prominent Shia scholar condemning the cursing of Islamic figures and companions. No doubt this is something that resonates with logic, with over 20 comments I decided to delve into the discussion.

In the last 10 years the topic of cursing has seen itself reach the heights of interest with those who promote it shouting the loudest. Unfortunately it is often they that tend to destroy the image for others. For example let us take the issue of terrorists who claim to represent the religion of Islam, the sound mind would acknowledge that they have no place in Islam, but there will ultimately be those that equate Islam with their inhumane actions.

So reading through the comments I see an individual who defends the acts of cursing and claims to back it up via a fatwa (ruling) of a grand Ayatollah (highly respected scholar) figure. Lo and behold I click on the link and find the Arabic ruling that gives this individual the green light to curse.

The problem is that it is now difficult to counteract this individuals point for he is referring to his Scholar’s ruling and will simply end the discussion. No matter what logic or sound argument one may bring forward his mind is set and it has been signed off via the Ayatollah’s ruling.

What next then?

There is a growing frustration spreading through Shia circles and that is the lack of unity amongst the higher level of Scholar’s . Yes difference of opinion is healthy however surely there are some topics and issues that require a greater sense of importance. That require a top down approach whereby any outputs carry a great level of weight.

In an ideal world one would see councils that included all our respected scholars where they would gather on an annual basis and tackle these topics. There output would be advice and guidance in the modern world, issues like cursing can be tackled ‘top down’ in a unified manner.

Perhaps in this way the argument brought forward by the individual can be squashed.

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