The Passing Car

December 20, 2012

Community, Creative Writing

Before you read this poem I wished to give some background info into the thinking behind its words. The poem is addressing the issue that some may face when they are a part of a close-knit community. This issue is that of judgement, what tends to happen is we may become  judgemental of others within the community and tend to have formed an opinion of individuals based on what others say and based on their online representation of themselves. In addition to this we also often tend to follow the crowd with any given issue at hand whilst we should instead seek to use the gift of our minds and seek to investigate any issue before making judgement based on others.

As with most of my writings I like to use analogies to express the point at hand, sometimes this leads to the writing being confusing and misunderstood and therefore with this short poem I hope you enjoy it with this introduction in mind.


A thought in your head
My name but a passing car
You look at me and see
the talks of your friends
the tweets of your phone
it’s so clear to you
that this is truly me
so when the car sits yearning for an owner
He circulates it…inspecting
its capacity to fit within his expectations
but I am merely this car across the road
that without thought you decide
have you considered crossing the road
but its the words flying and flapping…fluttering
that you chose to pain that passing car
what if time were to shed her cloak
and these wings cease their movement
will you then open and see
what it is to be free.


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