Running Away

June 18, 2012


The door is open, its path is wide
its path is long, seemingly appealing
he chooses it above all
for little does he realise,
this path is ever deceiving
the path that produces anguish and pain
from it nothing he will gain
as he walks it his peers are left in confusion
they desire a means for reasoning

days pass by, months are flowing
the path he continues
the end, he searches for
what end can there be on such a path
his eyes open, he gazes upon the field
he feels nullified
it catches up with him
he cries aloud
“oh strand of grass, you seduced me into nothingness!”

the grass replies
“I am merely amongst the many which you longed for, why do you blame me”
could it be he wonders, with that he cries
” I blame you for painting a picture of sweet serenity,
while within you, you knew of this sour severity!”

They begin to listen, strand by strand
each fights back against the wind
they are still now, the wind is no match for them

upon this sight, he stares
has time stopped
the gush of wind flies past him
the fields are unaffected
the strands are strong

he sits beside his strand of grass
converses in deep thoughts
as the minutes walk on
the fields begin to play again

the heart warming sounds of men
beside him, his strand gone
he looks up once more
the fields are busy
alone he is not
his path is now ever appealing
the path that will see his healing.

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