The Heart of Fatima – Um Al Baneen

May 6, 2012


Have you seen the heart
in its role does the human survive
pumping blood
the energy that produces greatness
have you pondered
that, should it stop in its action
where then will you find the air
that sustains your mind and soul here

How beautiful is he
that he instilled in us
a slice of his mercy
and he placed it deep
laced between the arteries of the heart

Let me tell you of the tale of a heart
one whose valour is like none other
whose motto was give all to him, the almighty
this heart now speaks

Today I am a scene of peaceful waves
watch as the sun kisses the sea
and as it glides itself between the pebbles
this is me today as I marry the best of Men
he has chosen me
oh how my heart is in servitude to him.

I then witnessed the four
my blood flowing
but I knew this blood was not flowing for me
it was for them, it was in honour of them
so as I pumped blood, the cells to them said
“I am no higher than you”
“I am your servant and I am at your service”
“I honour the holy Quran by honouring you”

So on the day where the suns light touched my Moon
I placed him in the hands of the Sun
I saw as my Moon then opened his eyes
upon yours did he lay them, you were the first
This day my hearts blood flowed like that of the waves
for the Sun and the Moon had finally met
my Moon the protector

Life is one where serene quality of inner peace is rare
on this day my Moon had its light dimmed
for he was unsure as to his role
so as his father lay, speaking his last
he gathered the Moon and raised its spirit high
he said
“Look after the Sun”
for when mens hearts no longer take in his light
you shall be that Moon that protects

I taught my Moon to fulfil this duty
I would remain pumping blood
for that was what Allah has intended
however the day that Bishar spoke
gone was any scene of flowing waves
gone was the light and all around it
my arteries spewed blood like that of a volcano
and when I asked about Aba Abdullah
each reply would serve as two tectonic plates
crushing against other

Have you seen both the Sun and the Moon
together collapsing at one moment
how would the earth survive
I remembered the day the Moon opened its eye to the Sun
How must the Sun have felt
When the Moons gaze
Slowly passed away
that day darkness struck
and in honour of my submission to Allah
I raised the flag that had fallen

I am a heart of one who knows Allah
I am the heart of the Moon and the stars
I am the heart of Fatima
I am the heart of Um Al Baneen

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