The Final Quake

April 13, 2012


I see the city burning
smoke rises from the gloom
and the screams aloud
tearing apart the air
one by one it falls
buildings no longer there
I rub my eyes aloft on the cliff
and yes it is true
fire engulfs the masses
the suns light has been switched off
light now comes from within the earth
spewing lava and molten rock
the earth below me begins to crumble
I find myself falling towards the screams
and in a sudden I see myself hover
flight has overtaken me
and as if an instance the wings at my side
below a site of destruction
where once stood mans civilisation
now a scene of chaos
Earth is speaking
for this is its final goodbye
the land cracks open
in it the mountains crumble
the sea reveals its inner secrets
a world left behind on its bed
time has used it a scroll
when the earth is shaken violently [99:1]
and the earth brings forth her burdens [99:2]
where man says, what has befallen her [99:3]
it is indeed the lord that has inspired her [99:5]
a quake never seen
a quake like no other

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Network Systems Engineer with focus on Wireless LAN Infrastructure and Security. Interests in Middle East

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