White Clouds

March 21, 2012

Poetry, Self-Empowerment

In the morning wind there lies a thought of the past
it seeks to distract but through his stride in motion
a knowing of a future who he seeks to shape
anxious what lies behind the curtain of uncertainty
he must fight his submissive self for all knowing clarity
and appreciate that life is best when man overcomes his own enemy

In the clouds that he sees from within this carriage
lies all colours of Gods great universe
he asks himself why look towards the clouds
in here many beating hearts alive
but he is oblivious of his own
his eyes survey the souls around him
each with a tale of their own

The clouds that morning white as a canvas
remind him of his own destiny
he feels it’s tainted in pasts misery
gone is this white canvas
from which can build his own family
He forgets though that as the clouds come in sinless white
their demeanour like the chameleon changes colour
for white is what he sees in view
but he is reminded of the mighty storm

The storm gathering together clouds of young and old
its face is dark and it’s presence large
It causes the sea to wail in pain
so the waves demand an answer
each clash towards the shore
relief from the clouds anger
So he sees today the cloud in white but must remember
it was also black and tomorrow it may again be white

Who knows of my lords will where he says be and it is
like the rainbow that chooses to form
he must not despair that today its raining
rather rain is that which washes sins ashore
so that through this precipitation
his colours may again be born and ‘be and it will be’
will be the clouds opening door


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