Pride is…

February 19, 2012

Poetry, Self-Empowerment

So I thought to myself let me challenge myself and tweet as much as I could about Pride (which I have written about previously here) and its potential dangerous to ones self. I do apologise I think I spammed the timelines of anyone that follows me but I wanted to see how many I could do, in the end I came up with quite a few and thought instead of allowing it to get lost within the deep valleys of endless tweets why not collate them into a single blog post.


Pride is a barrier to progression
Pride is the fuel to the fire that destroys the heart
Pride is the an illness that to the eye is blind
Pride is a one who climbed up the escalator going down
Pride is the pen that refuses to write
Pride is a book whose cover is perfumed
Pride is a car whose wheels gone missing
Pride is a shoe whose feet is too small to fill
Pride is mountain who on snow does not rest
Pride is a chair that the back to it detest
Pride is my head which to my heart it does ignore
Pride is darkness from which the helping hand is not seen
Pride is a colour that from it ‘white’ is ashamed
Pride is B followed by A instead of A followed by B
Pride is the finger that points and never points back
Pride is anger that within it destroys
Pride is friendship whose base is weak
Pride is me and never we
Pride is a lock without a key
Pride is a man who in a desert walks thirsty
Pride is a false sense of stability that when examined is broken
Pride is the mind unwilling to progress
Pride is comfort in discomfort
Pride is a never ending bridge
Pride is a gas that when inhaled distorts wisdom
Pride is a tree whose roots forgotten
Pride is poison destroying knowledge
Pride is a stab in the heart of a friend
Pride is that when he cries you remain blind
Pride is me that daily I do refine



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