A dance with Unity

February 10, 2012


At a practical level we interact and engage with them in many aspects of our busy and fruitful lives. To some they are our best friends with whom we trust and treasure our experiences with. Theoretically we have a vast amount of difference in the fundamentals that we base our thoughts and beliefs on.

Ultimately though we strive for the same, we aspire to set our souls at ease, to extinguish the fires of agony that occur as a result of our ever recurring sins. We turn towards the same source of peace and both declare that there exists no god but Allah and that Muhammad is his final and beloved messenger.

It is said that history is the baseline of the present and that future actions are attributed to the baseline from which a better judged decision is undertaken.  Do we believe that we are above others? Is our nation at a higher level than others simply because it is said to implement the Islamic law of Muhammad (pbuh).

Segregation is a word that is far from us, it is not us and should never be associated with us. Yet modern day “us” is riddled in isolation.

The beauty held within grouped prayers is tremendous, it is a bold statement to all that hits the souls of those who do not believe in God. It tells them that we are strong in conviction and we submit.

As I ponder from this corner sitting behind my brothers before me, it overwhelms me to think that they are accustoming to the thoughts and traditions of those who ripped through the heart of Islam.  But am I to judge them and think ever so poorly of them, nay I should seek to become that light to which our beloved saints were.

There are some who speak of an unattainable hand shake with which they use the above as their examples of thinking. To them this is unheard of and will never be achieved. Is this really a modern reality? It is understandable that those fundamental differences will continue to exist, cease they will not.  However one should dearly take into consideration the times that we live in, we work and prosper under one system and yet we are continually sought out to be the thorn of the world.

Are we really east from west? The road map is really not that ambiguous, perhaps thought must be taken on board, that they may peruse thoughts different from ours but most are unclear as to why that is and certainly most have mercy and peace instilled within the glorious hearts that Allah created them and “us” with.

Is it unheard of to speak in such a manner? Should it be taken on board with such negative attitudes for history has said that if he is not your brother in faith then he is your equal in humanity?  Beating hearts, flowing blood and emotion with which mountains are made to blush. They blush that they play a role in moulding the earth we walk on yet this love and passion they feel not.

Too much is placed on superficial shrouding of the human and our minds lay upon fields riddled in mines that should we take the wrong turn, BANG!  An explosion! Not one of physical turmoil but that of ill fate and twisted viewing.

This searching soul wishes to reach out and emphasise the glory upon Allah (swt), his treasured messengers and the book to which guidance is established.

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