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Hardship Series: An introduction to ‘Hardship’

February 27, 2012


In a world where global society can be held in the palm of our hands we find ourselves at times in deep emotions of hardship. Depending on the individual this can be a cause of great distress to the self. Hardship is a product that is faced by everyone in society, some more so than […]

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A Canvas for Hatred – My experience with extremism

February 21, 2012


During the battle of Siffin Amir al-mu’minin heard some of his men abusing the Syrians, then he said: “I dislike you starting to abuse them, but if you describe their deeds and recount their situations that would be a better mode of speaking and a more convincing way of arguing. Instead of abusing them you […]

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Pride is…

February 19, 2012


So I thought to myself let me challenge myself and tweet as much as I could about Pride (which I have written about previously here) and its potential dangerous to ones self. I do apologise I think I spammed the timelines of anyone that follows me but I wanted to see how many I could […]

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A dance with Unity

February 10, 2012


At a practical level we interact and engage with them in many aspects of our busy and fruitful lives. To some they are our best friends with whom we trust and treasure our experiences with. Theoretically we have a vast amount of difference in the fundamentals that we base our thoughts and beliefs on. Ultimately […]

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Iraq: Part 2 – A Delay at Baghdad Airport

February 7, 2012

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I had made the same mistake as a normally do when going to countries in the middle east and that is wearing jeans, the immense heat makes you feel that you are baking in the oven and jeans are the last thing you would want to be wearing. The air was fresh and this was […]

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Religion as an Onion

February 2, 2012


Religion is as an Onion in layers does it they exist surrounded in its skin of various colours in its core lies its foundation but from view hidden deep within at times it pains our eyes for the madness that people begin so on the outer layer not red or brown when with religion is […]

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