Iraq – A Photo speaks a thousand words

January 23, 2012


The saying is such a cliché but so often holds true none more so than this morning whilst enjoying breakfast with Al Fayha in the background. I’ve seen this sight so often but this was too much so ridiculous that I thought I had to take a picture.

The photo below is of a news conference in Iraq I am not too acquainted with Iraqi politics so I’m afraid I do not know who is speaking nor do I know what the conference is about however as I said this sight is all too common. It’s so common that one wonders where has the common sense in common drifted off to? Has it too given up on Iraq or have these politicians lost the plot ?

I sat and continued to watch with amazement that the guy continued to talk addressing the crowd that neither he could see nor could they see his face. So looking deeper one begins to see the common conception that Iraqis think of themselves before they think of their country may hold true. The following can be derived from this image

  • A generalisation is that Iraqis love to speak over one another even if it means stepping over one another, here we see an army of Mics from various channel outlets huddled together covering the face of the speaker. Lets ask ourselves who is more important, the channels or the speaker?
  • In the western media it is usually one Mic that is shared amongst the channels which gives off a professional look and adds authority to the event/speaker through the simplicity of presentation. Here we see a facade of channels each trying to step over the other so much so that it impacts the integrity and professionalism of the conference.
  • Professionalism is key in achieving success in any project if simple issues like this cannot be understood and the person in this photo remains talking then it shows that there is a complete lack of competence. I am sure that had it been an individual with some competence that he would have removed the mics from around his face.

I don’t want to write too much about this but really it saddens me that almost 10 years on and common sense is yet to prevail. We are encouraged to be positive about our homeland and try to give back and help Iraq improve but small things like this often convey to us that Iraq is on a total different wavelength that is yet to sing in harmony with ours.

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