Mercy to Man

January 8, 2012


At first the world was cautious
for their life’s meaning was so precious

from within them came the leader
who made the wise ponder
but some arose with anger
complaining about this wonder
for they called him a sorcerer
who they claim corrupted the younger

Strong was his character
to bear so much hatred
until his people chose to disown
while some caught glimpse of his light
most ran away in flight

But his light was no ordinary one
foreseen it was
they knew of its coming
the same light of Issa and Musa
had arose in Arabia

Yathrib revelled in his shining
and fast spread his true meaning
while the others shunned his reasoning
soon was to be their pleading

and they would truly adore him
when mercy is placed between their eyes
yet some would lay in anger
did they think they could punish truth

The calling is made for all to hear
As Mecca has finally come to adhere
with that, the call lives on
and soon we shall see the light that once shone

for this light was from no ordinary clan
this was Muhammad mercy to Man

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