How will I feel

December 14, 2011


The sky is open in its majestic view
here I sit near and remember you
the faces I remember are now more than two
upon these graves lies more than a title
there lies life, tales and many a smile
looking around, it is a so very silent
peaceful, empty is the scene
so as I remember those that have departed
the wind kisses my cheeks gently
and within it lies a stark reminder
a picture of certainty of what is to be seen
so I imagine life to be met once again
where man will rise from his slumber
surely we have been warned of this
but life’s trap captures us so easily
engrossed in the struggles that define us
do we often remember that which will overpower
no we endeavour to seek this worlds pleasure
ignoring the ones that have come before
I look up into the sky and write myself a song
where down at me I see weeping faces
lowering me into this unfamiliar abode
so I ask, how will I feel at that moment
where I know that the earth’s soil will cover me soon
and the faces that brought me joy will disappear
and alone I will be sleeping with fear
so I ask again how will I feel when I see them cry
and my power of speech is no longer my friend
and I am not able to comfort or provide assurance
so I ask once more, how will I feel when I turn to my deeds
and I see them speaking against me
they will tell me of the gift of time
of how I held it and let it go
let it pass by surely a crime
I ponder over the song and listen to its rhyme
and walk back and return towards poverty



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One Comment on “How will I feel”

  1. AK Says:

    Absolutely incredible. Especially when it’s heard, rather than read.


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