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A happy Heart – Angelo & Forward the Smile

December 25, 2011


Christmas eve of 2011 will remain to me as no ordinary day for it was within this day that I met a person who probably was one of this most inspiring individuals that I have met , whose story has touched my heart and whose project with its simple yet effective message touched my soul. […]

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Sacred Devotion

December 21, 2011


A bond written beyond the realms of physical alignment Sewn deep within their hearts movements Each beat carries its genetic makeup Of x and y are they given commandment Manifested in joyous singing His heart rested in her being Her heart comforted with his care As this new path together they share Of lofty highs […]

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Golden Bridge

December 19, 2011


30:19 He [it is who] brings forth the living out of that which is dead, and brings forth the dead out of that which is alive, and gives life to the earth after it had been lifeless: and even thus will you be brought forth [from death to life] ———– Do not think of me […]

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How will I feel

December 14, 2011

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The sky is open in its majestic view here I sit near and remember you the faces I remember are now more than two upon these graves lies more than a title there lies life, tales and many a smile looking around, it is a so very silent peaceful, empty is the scene so as […]

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