Colours of the Sea

November 20, 2011


Let me tell you a story
of a young one who travelled out to sea
there he took a dive
underneath he went to see
and marvelled at what he saw
great feats of those of old
swimming freely around him
the faculty of the ear was no more
but through his eye sight
great colours smoothly ran past him
and as he submerged ever deeper
his knowledge grew
like the acorn upon the tree
the tickling of the senses

In red
he found a room full of love
where no gravity did exist

In blue
intellect and logic from above
where two wheels he could learn to ride

In green
was the faith that would see him through
the hardships of a life painted as a dove
for man seeks to quench his thirst for peace
so the young one continued by
then came the waves of history
there he would pass a wave so mighty
where red, blue and green would converse
to shatter the laws of time
a betrayal like non seen before
and deeper into the sea there comes black

in black
a nation turns against its source of light
children at their merciless hands ignored
in peoples greed this lantern destroyed
the boy longs for those colours he enjoyed
but he must endure the pains of reality
a prophet of god whose love no more
by the hands of those whom he freed
so deep below the colours of the sea
covered is this great tragedy

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