London War Diary: Part 1 – Breakfast

November 13, 2011

Creative Writing

The sun’s light trickled through my curtains and gently gazed my face , the perfect awakening to any day is with the suns soft light and so I opened the curtains and there struck me the same scene that always brought a little peace to my heart. My car sitting in the drive way, the wind blowing the trees and of course the bread crumbs that my father would insist on leaving in the garden despite the many times I would tell him that it would invite rats to the home. It never did happen what would happen is the pigeons sitting there enjoying their breakfast, I ran downstairs as I usually do and fixed myself a bowl of corn flakes. In the past I would normally  switch on the TV and watch the breakfast shows however the TV coverage in our area was taken down last week. They say it was one of the missiles that struck some sort of exchange in the area, I don’t know much about how it works but what I do know is that TV isn’t as easy to watch as it used to be in fact I haven’t watched TV for a long time.

So once my breakfast was done I knew I had a grueling journey to work sometimes I wish things had not happened the way they did and that way my journeys would be as before, iPod in my ears and staring out of the train with the hustle and bustle of peak time travel.  Anyways the local bus service stopped working about a month ago and the closet station to me (south harrow) was hit by a bomb about 2 weeks ago so I have to walk 20 minutes to the next station instead of the usual 5. Yes, yes  lazy I know but you sometimes take these things for granted and the bus is definitely one of those,  when I started to drive there was a period where I stopped taking the bus and never missed it once but now I just hope to see it running again soon.

Most people now stay at home they are too afraid to travel in fear of the random missile attack  I personally tell myself that if its my time then its my time but I wont let the situation hold me back from my daily life. I just get too bored at home and my company is operating as normal if I allow it to get to me then I know I will feel like a useless zombie. I think people need to relax a little think about what they want from life, in a way its good for me the trains are virtually empty so I get to put my feet up (haha).  You know though I do miss my daily metro I used to read it every morning but now only on Mondays so it leaves Tuesdays to friday a little boring but im ok with that.

The days where my face isn’t buried in the metro I would find myself falling deep into my memories thoughts as I look out the train window I see smoke rising in the distance before this would not mean much but now I wonder how many have died and am thankful that I was not in that area. I can understand why people choose not go to work I really do but I like to think that I see the wider picture and believe that collectively if we are strong then nothing can touch our determination

To Be Continued..

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