Citrix XenApp 6.5 – Overview integration with XenDesktop 5

November 2, 2011

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Having implemented XenDesktop 5 in our small environment see here I then set out to complement the xendesktop environment with XenApp the main reasons are why this was required and conveys how XenApp offers a perfect complement to XenDesktop

1) Easier Management of Xendesktop images

What I have found that when installing new applications or if requirements change that users require an update or new application rolled out then updating the master image is a tiresome process and at times takes a long time to roll out to users. My environment is a small one so on a bigger scale the process of update would not be feasible

2) Easier Management of Applications for both Xendesktop and standard physical machines

Citrix Receiver which is the ICA client connects to the environment and allows for applications to be easily managed, updated and rolled out to users. In windows environment citrix receiver is able to automatically add the applications to start menu and/or desktop to feel like a local application on users desktop.  If the user is not using Xendesktop or if you do not have Xendesktop in place then XenApp will be useful simply for rolling out applications. In my scenario I will be downloading citrix receiver for windows on my laptop to provide remote access (which is what majority gain benefit from)

3) Multi device compatability with Citrix Receiver

Allows for multiple devices to connect to environment thereby breaking through the compatibility barrier Citrix seeks to develop the Receiver product for almost every OS out there, there exists a version for Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, Blackberry OS and Playbook OS.

4) Central Management of Applications

With the term cloud being thrown in the air XenApp/XenDesktop is an example of cloud products, my environment is small and only hosts mimimal apps however in larger enterprise environments they hold many applications and thus manage them centrally thereby easing administration.
5) Remote Access

XenApp is the evolution of Citrix Metaframe Presentation server in my time at GLA they had this implemented and used it for remote access to emails and Microsoft Office, remote access was accessed through web interface however as explained above this has evolved and now can be accessed from many devices so with XenApp remote access gains a new meaning when accessing application on the go, while in a meeting or out on street.

There are no doubt many other benefits to XenApp I havent really mentioned the methods of application delivery the classic and standard method is having the application hosted on the server and the user connecting to the server.  In the eDocs Citix does mention the various methods of streaming applications where  the application is stored in a profile consisting of its .exe and other files but the processing is carried out on either the Server or the user’s desktop.  I did ask about this technology over at Citrix IRC but I was told that they had tested this technology and was not worthwhile with many performance issues. They explained that they had tried to make it work but always stuck with the traditional method of having the application stored on the server.

XenApp 6.5 Network Schematic

Below is a Network Schematic of the implementation I have installed this is based around the edoc on citrix website and illustrates however a connection is made to applications from the User down to the physical back end.

Small implementation for 3 to 6 users hosting 5 applications


I will post more information showing the way I added XenApp into the WI interface and process of adding to the license server. You will notice since it is a small environment the data store, collector and other services are stored on the same server.

If I have missed anything out please do let me know as I am merely learning and wish to improve as I go along.

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