September 29, 2011

Poetry, Self-Empowerment

What is life to me
life is a cycle whose motions we ride
An infant laying in our mothers hand
She was the one that fed us with care
We cried we walked and mastered speech
Familiar faces fed us with ease
For with their blessings we learned to walk
Our thoughts and ideals developed soon
We questioned ourselves and explored religion,
Friendships developed and friendships died
But those select few remain to us a treasure
We reached closer to the peak of wisdom
As now upon life’s conveyor belt we step
Love always hung a cloud above us
We witnessed its fairy tale meaning on our screens
Our hearts grew in emotion
So we sought to provide it a solution
How life’s motion suddenly revolved
Now came new meaning a new devotion
A women who in your mind destined this new motion
But life plays its many tricks
We plan and he plans greater
This cycle was never a motion written
Our hearts swim deep in sorrows reflection
Like a dam whose capacity reached
Do our tears flood
For a time, we cry for its all we know
Each tear heavy with memories clear
But hold on..
For this is life’s motion
That through tears lies a bigger devotion
That of a lord and a bigger abode
Where life’s motion no longer races
But here I am swimming in tears
I cry when I mean not to cry
And when I am forced to hold them back
A heavy feeling in my throat
What is life to me
Its a knowing that light exists
It brings us warmth through summer sun
In darkness it eases our soul
That with sorrow blossoms tomorrow
There are those who give up on life
But steadfast do I remain
On my horse through winds and rain
For this light to touch upon my cheek
And for my smile to soon regain
What is life to me
Its summed up to me in beauty and eloquence
From the book that shaped my brain
So I write it here and embed it in my heart,
For Verily my prayer, my service of sacrifice, my life and my death are for Allah, the Lord of the Worlds. (6:162)

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