Bounties we Deny

August 12, 2011


By the powers that set sail the ships of old
the commander of the clouds of his mercy it gives
upon your plate the food that sustains
through a cycle of magnitude that only he plans
the perfect alignment of the sun to the moon
that in any direction if it were to go astray
you would cease.

Do you remember the warmth upon your skin
the chill that you felt when you complained
you witness the maze painted in the night sky
how many times has the sun hidden behind the moon
when it reawakens you heard his creation cry

Inside of you a system far superior then any
through time it has remained strong as ever
free from development for it is perfect
so in his words I do write..
Which then of the bounties of your Lord will you deny

The sleepless nights endured
to feed your pure needs and rights
oblivious you were of the pain she felt
to her you relied
you were then a root
now a tree expanded in knowledge
instilled with the connection of the heart to the head
so as the book reminds I finish…
Which then of the bounties of your Lord will you deny

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One Comment on “Bounties we Deny”

  1. FH Says:

    This is beautiful, Surah Rahman, beautiful ❤ Keep it up!


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