A brief look at Happiness

May 2, 2011


Something that every human desires to seek whether he is from the lowest common denominator or upon the highest mountains there is no doubt that this is a universal factor that binds mankind together.   The difference though is the method within which this is sought after some say that happiness can be found through various forms, well to a certain extent true but those forms of happiness all conform to the attributes of time and eventually their potions will run out.  To be clear these include money, sex, food, generally they are physical forms of ingredients that feed our soul.

So the question then remains what is eternal happiness? Does this exist? So many religions or groups tend to grab people through this aspect where they focus on happiness and claim to nourish people’s souls with it.  Achieving happiness is something that generally is not easy our souls are like two tectonic plates which every so often tremble and tremor and if we are not careful then the highest earthquake to mankind can occur. Though even if it does occur it can still be resolved thus depending on each soul the time in which happiness is achieved can vary.
Where to begin?
Set aside your thoughts for a moment sit back and forget everything you know take all your opinions and thoughts and put them in a basket. You now do not conform to any religion, group, understanding or outlook.  You are now merely a member of humanity your commonalities are your beating heart, peering eyes and listening ears.  Now begins your self assessment of who you are starting from the physical form and then moving on to your inner self. Slowly open that basket and pick out each thought one by one and question them bring out the why’s and who’s. What you are doing here is rewinding everything to pin point perhaps that object or insecurity that is holding you back from happiness.
What is the point?
Well I have only touched very briefly on what I feel one should do but essentially what I am trying to convey is that happiness lies within ones soul, its root stems from the heart and flourishes on a clear understanding and implementation of what foods are good and bad for ones soul and physical body. Remember we are tectonic plates and no doubt we would have all felt the pain of sadness but it is our resolve and strength from within that ultimately carries us forward.

“If you would understand anything, observe its beginning and its development.”

Really what we are doing is remembering; the act of placing our thoughts and values in a basket and then taking them out one by one is one where we are observing our life and our development with the hope of gaining a better understanding of who we are.  Many a times we rush into things without really analysing its value or effect to our lives and perhaps only later on do we regret the judgement of our actions, you see this is why history and its understanding is so very important because in theory it is through remembrance that we humans refrain from making the same mistakes.
What Next then?
What next is to continue the exercises above on a daily basis to look back at your daily actions and involvements and then analyse.  Stories and fables why are we so intrigued by them?  I have listened to many lectures but often it is those that are filled with stories which capture me and motivate me to move forward. Through these stories do we gain morals and it is these stories we remember when we face similar dilemmas or scenarios in our lives.  Always seek to move forward in life and let that which is in your past be the ingredient to drive you and hopefully once the tectonic plates are no more restless will you find your happiness.
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