The Problem of Shisha Smoking

April 25, 2011


From a young age I was taught of the effects of drugs and alcohol and to some extent I have to be grateful to the teaching syllabus at my secondary school for making me aware. I will never forget the jar of beans being filled up with Marmite highlighting the way in which blood cells are affected as a result of smoking.

It is for this reason that I sometimes wonder if others are truly aware of what they are doing to themselves, I question the reasoning that brings people to this habit and it seems that for each individual the reasons differ. However there is a common theme to all those that do start and that is the element of peer pressure, some like to distant themselves from this phrase as they feel it damages their pride.  I am the first however to state that as a growing teenager I did have a go at the smoking of the Shisha pipe. I was at the time ignorant to think that this product was harmless and that I was only smoking water a common perception that is sadly held by many youngsters who smoke it today.
Having examined the product I came to the conclusion that Shisha was a harmful product and something that I should stay away from, what was my fear and reasoning?
  1. 1)      The possibility and almost inevitable realisation that it could lead to an addiction and develop to cigarette smoking
  2. 2)      The negative effects on the body
Again another delusion that I have personally seen amongst peers is the denial that Shisha smoking leads to cigarette smoking.  In every case that I have witnessed almost all led to cigarette smoking and once that happens then it is entirely a different ball game.
Is Shisha seen as a cool product?
Very sadly I believe it is with prominent role models who smoke it and various elders who are looked up upon this habit remains one that the youngsters will feel merits a status.  I sometimes feel that if one does not smoke Shisha then they are looked down upon from the social perspective.  Many a times it seems the only way one can relax is with a Shisha lit or with scores of cigarettes smoked.
Way forward?
There perhaps isn’t an immediate way forward but awareness does need to be generated for there to be material out there to educate from a young age. As for those who actively smoke then it is solely up to them and them alone to question and make a conscious   decision as to whether this habit is a good in their lives or a bad that should be rid of.
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4 Comments on “The Problem of Shisha Smoking”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    >Salami feel there is a lack of things to do for young ppl and they end up smoking, find ppl an alternative and you will see the no of smokers drop


  2. Mohamed Ridha Says:

    >SalamThere always is an alternative but I feel because the social norm is to hang out and smoke shisha then it seems as if there is no alternative. Also is there pressure to smoke? you may hang out with friends in shisha cafes but do you have to smoke? Will it feel awkward if you attended but never smoked?


  3. LOG Creation Says:

    >Great insight into the world of shisha.Can we have more of these socially observant trends in 21st century youth culture please!MasalamaSajad


  4. Says:

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