Procedural Approach in Life

February 4, 2011



Following procedures and using logic, if its one thing that university has taught me its that one needs to be logical in their approach to everything in life. Success is not achieved  by simply picking up a book and reading the content rather there is a structured and systemic approach to a given requirement.

An example would be an exam therefore I would

1) Locate Marking scheme
2) Analyse Marking scheme
3) Pick out key areas that are required to achieve highest grades possible
4) Following and understand those areas
5) Find past papers
6) Go through practice questions and understand them
7) Highest grade achieved.

You can see that there is a set of steps to follow and each step leads to another, this is the case with all courses and generally many aspects of our lives. So what I have noticed and come to appreciate is that the skill of utilising the knowledge of following procedures is very important in ones working life, especially in the IT Sector. If I am to troubleshoot a given task I will again follow a set of steps with the goal of finding the solution to that given problem. Many final year projects are centred around this theme and often we are encouraged to come up with a problem and then solve the problem through research and through a methodological approach.

What happens when we lack a structured approached? Well we become disorganised and lose track of where we are heading, our purpose and our goals. If that happens then we are lost and lose interest and thus we lose hope, the aims and objects that were once clear to us once become blurry.

Where does IT and computing originate from? its from Math which is a discipline that thrives on logic I remember studying ‘Foundations of Computing’ module in my first year and seeing how early computing was simply mathematical formulas to fulfill a given goal.

A word id like to pick on is discipline, this measures the levels of effort one brings into a given task, in our daily work we are given many tasks and at times we find it difficult to manage, everyone has their way in overcoming this struggle but this quote from my time at Greater London Authority always comes to mind.

“Its better to do 3 things perfectly then 10 things imperfectly” 

Meaning prioritising ones work is essential and then working on each task in a systematic approach. Some people Ive worked with like to fill out their diary in advance and then let their diaries run their day, personally for me I sit down at the start of the day and note down all task that require completing.You see much of the above are regarded my some as common sense but in reality they are not always practiced yet when they are you will see wonders of how a logical approach canequate to great success.

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