Citrix Xenserver – database corruption

January 10, 2011


>Last week I was working with Xendesktop 5 getting to grips with the new features and using the Quick deploy function to set up a small environment. Previously I had successfully set up Xendesktop 4 however this was not a simple upgrade as citrix have redesigned the entire backend architecture for 5. This required a new server to be rolled out using windows 2008 R2 which would act essentially as the delivery controller.

My major issue came about when updating the master image of the quick deploy group, as I was doing this i suddenly lost access to the xenserver. This was a IBM blade so consoled into the session and restarted the server however I found that the server would not boot up. It was complaining of failing to load xapi so restarted the server again and this time the complete OS would not even load. I checked checked the logs and noticed it was saying that I had run out of local space, to create more space I was required to clear out logs but the problem is the server itself would not load the OS.

I posted my issue here on citrix forums but the replies would not really help in solving the problem. After much pain and research I decided to redeploy the xenserver and install xendesktop 5 from scratch. My environment was small and so would not take much time….

Lessons Learnt:
Backup Server regularly so it can be restored when faced with problems like above
Xenserver is build on a variant of Linux redhat
Xenserver 5.6.1 is latest release which supports thin provisioning in xendesktop 5

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