Citrix Xendesktop 5 and VDA Issues

January 4, 2011


>Today Ive spent most the day trying to figure out why my VM machine is not registering with the controller this is vital so that the the delivery controller can talk to the virtual machine for it to be accessed through the web interface.

I have uninstalled the VDA (Virtual Desktop Agent) from the VM twice and then restarted the VM, also removed it from the domain but to no avail. I guess a good thing that has come out so far is that I have finally seen the Desktop Director component and I must say I am very impressed with what it has to offer. It enables easy management of your virtual machines and even offers helpdesk support. Although the most information its told me so far is that my VM is not registered and that the last time I logged in to it I was logged out because it could not find a valid licence in the LMC.

Anyhow Ive submitted a ticket with Citrix Forums and  I await their replies here

Useful  Links :

Troubleshooting VDA and Controller Problems

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One Comment on “Citrix Xendesktop 5 and VDA Issues”

  1. Bill Foster Says:

    >usually a DNS issue or the controllers key the in the registry has not been defined. check this key for a list of controllers. You should also use XDPING to verify the basic setup of your DDC is correct. This tool can be run from the ddc's or from the virtual machine.


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