What is Community?

January 3, 2011


Community: a group of people living in a particular local area; “the team is drawn from all parts of the community”

I have often pondered over this word a simple word yet behind its walls lies a vast valley of opinions, thoughts, people , backgrounds and so on and so fourth.  All humans seek to associate themselves with a group be it based on their ethnic background, school, or work.

However what exactly defines ‘community’ and what do we really  base it on? My aim here is not to tell you what you should be defining as community rather its what I have grown to learn and experience as something being my community. First and foremost I do believe that religion or lack of religion plays apart in defining ones community I myself am a Muslim and on the wider scale it is this very word that could be defined as my community. Delving further I am also of an Iraqi ethnic background and thus those who speak Arabic and especially the same Arabic dialect as me are people that I can relate to and associate myself to thus both Muslim and Iraqi are in itself the definition that I could be after. Digging deeper still I find myself to confirm to the Shia understanding of Islam and thus 3 elements are now mixed into this word that we call ‘Community’. Further still there is a fourth and perhaps the most important element that I have missed out and that is I am a Human being that lives off this worlds resources and without it I wouldn’t be here to type this, without it I would not have the intellect to even put these words together. Finally the fifth and last element that perhaps can be used to define community is location. I am based in London and thus the people of London are part of my community.

Putting the above into perspective I have established five major elements that I feel define for me the word community.
1) Human (Being/Creature)
2) Muslim (Ideology)
3) Shia (History)
4) Iraqi (Ethnicity)
5) London  (Location)

Not necessarily in order of importance however according to my beliefs and understanding being Human is as important as my identity of being Muslim for the famous saying of Imam Ali narrates “If he is not your brother in religion then he is your equal in humanity”.

So we have the Creation aspect that tells us what we are , our ideology that tells us what we believe, our history that shapes our belief and direction,  our ethnicity that associates us with a select group of people who share similar thoughts and language and finally our location which summarises all the elements in a particular area on this earth.

To conclude I would say that I belong to the Human , Muslim, Shia, Iraqi, London UK community and that each and every element is treated with the same respect and appreciation.

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