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That Word..

December 8, 2013



Others have spoken or written about this word, it seems to be one that brings about emotion and a demeanour of defence. As if one is entering a battlefield where the soldiers are ones own brother and sister and the war booty is that of moral superiority. Too often there are topics of interest or […]

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Woolwich: A developing Muslim Mind and the path to extremism

May 25, 2013



I remember a scene often. I was 17, and about to enter a debate, ready to win, carrying a pile of books under my arm (many of which I had not read). Its a scene I continue to look back on when considering my own development into researching the religion I follow. At 17 the […]

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The 6 layers of communication stakeholders in a Relationship

March 19, 2013



Communication is a concept that is key to any relationship this blog aims to shed light on the various stakeholders and examine briefly how each stakeholder may be involved.  The approach I have taken is to think of each stakeholder as a layer starting with the inner most layer and finishing with the final layer, using […]

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The Passing Car

December 20, 2012



Before you read this poem I wished to give some background info into the thinking behind its words. The poem is addressing the issue that some may face when they are a part of a close-knit community. This issue is that of judgement, what tends to happen is we may become  judgemental of others within […]

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The Flower and the Bee

December 15, 2012


Flower and Bee

The flower loved by the Bee its petals no longer dancing with colour I bring my body close to see so my eyes speak to my senses for they refuse to register the sight and this smell new to me opens up my thoughts this is not the flower in my painting? so how can […]

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An outlook on smoking & the community

November 7, 2012


Kicking the Habit!

Smoking is a habit that one finds is rife within the Arab culture in my last visit to Iraq I found it very difficult dealing with smokers, not only was it 50 degrees but it was found to be the norm to smoke inside a vehicle. Many of my peers unfortunately are bound by this habit […]

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A Boat Journey

October 16, 2012



I was one day aboard a boat I set out to sea with my goal in sight The air was hazy as I saw men in view And when the coast to me was gone I felt it hit me in the night A cold breeze without warning Lay around me Like a mother who […]

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A brief analysis of social media platforms

October 14, 2012



Its 8am and I am on my way to work let me take out my iPhone and tweet away, oh wait what shall I say today? Shall I greet all my followers, shall I post a famous yet powerful saying or complain about the delay on the jubilee line. Social Media today plays a massive […]

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Love and Relationships – The affect of ‘Hollywood Love’

October 7, 2012



This blog is a transcript of Brother Hassanain Rajabalis lecture that was posted on the YouTube link here which discusses the development of a typical individual who faces the pressures of the ‘Hollywood’ perception of love and the potential effect it could have on his life.  —- Imagine you meet a girl and say ‘Hi’ and […]

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Iraq – A practical example of the need to enter the digital world

September 4, 2012

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As an individual working in an environment that aims to be forward thinking in the digital age I have become quite aware with the notion of converting paper based processes into digital ones i.e reducing the need for paper by replicating the process on a computer device. My last visit to Iraq involved a process […]

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